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    I wanted to write a word to the wise
    But was my intelligence in disguise?
    Knowledge is flour, wisdom is bread
    Thoughts are half baked in my head

    The wise old owl sat on the large oak
    The more he saw the less he spoke
    The less he said but he had last hoot
    Too much wit to woo-hoo, just stayed mute

    Just like Yoda he was a guru
    Mentoring a good thing to do
    Treasured knowledge in parables
    Rightminded tales share morals

    Times New Roman, are Yu Gothic
    Algerian or Text Sanskrit
    Ariel Nova, Calibri
    Wingdings, Verdana, Abadi

    Ultimate knowledge in the script
    Light bulb moment mind gets a grip
    Copper plate or copper bottom
    Is that the font of all wisdom?

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    As always this was fun to read and smart. 👍


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thanks LG another one that I am not quite sure where it came from

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    Clever, very fun read, I love the stanza of fonts.


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      thank you kind lady

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    I imagine it to a beat like a song and pretty fast but fun


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      Amazing poem! Thanks for sharing!
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