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Nightmare- story

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  • Nightmare- story

    Nightmares flood my enclosed mind
    hear slow walking tap from behind
    heavy breathing so I plot to escape
    all I hear a loud clank a metal scrape
    look behind me to see marks slowly surround
    see no one there but she a shadow no sound

    there’s then something over my head
    wonder what I did how I’ll be dead
    remember I’ll live know I’ve escaped worse
    know that this is some sort of evil curse
    slip the bag off my head when its outside
    see a match the figure tried to hide

    Slip back into the ropes and put on the bag
    the figure comes in to get hot water on a rag
    in the quiet of the dark all that i could really see
    he left into a doorway round bulk and beastly
    I took a paper and lit it on fire used the rope as fuel
    three of them ran in and took me with the grip of a ghoul

    I was in a new room with wire around me and the same sack
    slowly noises grow faster as they come back
    the through me to the ground that feels like dust
    alongside a pipe covered in a thick coat of rust
    to this day I have no knowledge of who they where
    when someone’s being you say a prayer

    By: DepressedPoet