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The boy in the snow

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  • The boy in the snow

    A little boy with hair white as freash laid snow
    with sharp brown eyes pure and able to glow
    walked through grah lynn to the vergin woods

    with no signs of life not so much as grain of rice
    This little boy stubmles down a puddle now turned to ice
    to encounter a wolf white and shimmering in the moon

    a beast pure and quiet watched the boy letting him sleep
    slowly ove time the child noticed the wolf slowly creep
    he walked up and gave the wolf a hug and his trust

    the wolf felt the childs sadness the childs fears
    he stood strong as the child released his tears
    scared of where he was but scared to go home

    wanting to run away he left in the night a month ago
    he ate what he found and followed in the dark a crow
    the crow was now lost and he himself was lost aswell

    The wolf left in the cover of the night never to again be seen
    peace sleep and then after time slowly closed the scene
    the child died the same night to cold and weak to survive

    By: DepressedPoet

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    The wolf seemingly gives the boy comfort on what would be his last night, a blessing in disguise?
    The fear in the kid shows regret. Tragic, and thought provoking. Thank you.


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      Another evocative poem...this one really connects as we're having seasonal winter weather in my corner of the globe. It has a fairy-tale quality.


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        Its baced of a "true story" its how a careing dad explained to his son his missing brother. I was reading an old journal and there where wolf prints but no indication the child was harmed. The dad told his son something simular and I wrote a song about it. After I wrote a song about it and this is baced off the song. theres no reason to belive the wolf was white or that the boy was already dead. its a nice thought tho. thats what the journal at least.

        features like brown eyes and places are all made up tho
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