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  • A an invitation

    You battle here, you battle there,
    it seems there's tension everywhere.
    Now here's a healthy plan release
    where rhymes or reason only cease
    when winning post (check rules for more)
    will end the thread. There's fun in store
    for all the Rhymezone poet gang,
    we revelers of wordsmith fame.
    Go head there now and take a spy,
    then leave your Last Post Battle cry.

    If you like to leave multiple posts per day (or even if you don't) and have never checked out any other forums, you might want to head over to the "Everything Else" forum. Poet Catz just started a new "Battle for Last Post". Rules are listed in the top posting on the thread. It's a fun way (in addition to this forum) to get to know others in the forums who are here for poetry. Things have been known to move pretty quickly. You can (but don't have to) post five (5) times consecutively before you break to let another poet take a turn. If you look at some of the previous battles you can get an idea of how it works.

    Here's a link to send you there if you'd like to participate:

    Also, an administrative note...I continue to work to delete the SPAM messages each time I log on. You can help by flagging posts that cause you concern.

    Thanks, and have a lovely day! RLW

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    You rock!


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      I seriously love the poem though <3


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        LOL - thanks. Your post was the inspiration!