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  • When there were libraries

    Dear Librarians,
    Because I miss you and because I like writing letters – I’ve written so many addressed to nobody – I would like to tell you what I should have told you before your profession became extinct - Thank you. I owe you so much.
    You have gone on to new careers where magic does not pervade. How could you have foreseen that moving words from a printed page to a screen would cause such a change in the latticework of human experience? It’s only been a few years and already words are less generous, imagination is imitative, everything .. even beauty! is ransacked for utility, and dust jackets bring a rush of sadness. Do the inventors really know why they did it? To the old gatekeepers of human magic, is it too much to ask Come Back! it won’t be hard for you. I need your fastidiousness, your inwardness, your banal orderly soul. Only you can restring the orchestra, un-pop the soap bubbles, re-organize the books, hoist language from where it fell, forgive my nostalgia!
    I miss you,
    I love you,
    your old friend,


    PS – I would send this snail mail – not because snail rhymes with mail, or because a few days is an eternity when words can fly, but because it’s handwritten at a snails pace.

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    Thanks for pointing me back to Part 1. This is just lovely. I have a dear friend, and a neighbor at our last home, who both got PhD's in library science. Much of their work, of necessity, dealt with information management in the newer electronic age...but they both have some of the soul of the old-time librarian. One of my dreams would be to fund a library...or book store...old hand-held, printed type never goes away.

    Neat idea.


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      Thanks! We need people like them more than ever!


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