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The light is blinding; The dark is suffocating

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  • The light is blinding; The dark is suffocating

    The darkness asked to be friends.
    I said no and turned on the lamp.
    It cried out and begged:
    Please listen to me, just for the night.
    I heeded its plight,
    And dark it became.
    No sooner than that,
    The air was ripped from my lungs,
    Replaced with worries upon worries.
    Overthinking and anxiety ensued.
    The darkness sat back, admiring its work, saying:
    Well done, you poor soul, you speck of dirt.
    Insults I showered in,
    Bathed in,
    Until they were up to my neck.
    And realizing it was the end,
    I took my last breath.

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    I really like it it sheds light on most peoples relations with the darkness
    the darkness most of us supress and again most have good reason too


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      Thank you! Glad you like it.


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        I'm into this one. I have a silly fear of the dark. I say silly, because I am aware others don't understand. However, it is a real fear for me. panic sets in. I dislike sitting in the dark both metaphorically and in reality.


        • DepressingPoem
          DepressingPoem commented
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          The darkness hides could hide anything and everything eventually you learn to see with you breath and fight with your soul. If your unlucky as I you learn to hide in the dark and become what you fear. There are low points and high points in our lifes. I used to think you can't feel the dark if you are the dark. I'm quite young... and Honestly top 3 biggest skrew ups

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        DepressingPoem I think it is good to recognized the Darkness. Recognize it, respect it, but be the light. <3


        • SpotDog04
          SpotDog04 commented
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          You should make that a quote: "Recognize the Darkness, respect it, but be the light." That's a really nice thought, thanks for that