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  • Valentines Day

    Valentines day looking up from the calendar marked with a rose with its stem cut
    the preoccupation of candy shops and restaurants with roses on the table
    their stems in little glasses of water. The absurdity that love and time are separate things, obliged to
    coincide, penciled in yearly in the same columbarium, the routine date that doesn’t keep people from expressing
    how they feel when it’s the projection of time that comes between people and their feelings.
    The idiocy of the “intelligent” classification that love dispenses with reality, or that romance alters logic when only the truly sentimental achieve and discover..
    February 14th looking up from the calendar
    Love looking up from the intervals in between..

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    Great observational piece. How have you been LG?


    • lunar glide
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      Thank you! I've been mostly well. I Miss all of the great poets here I try to keep up once in a while.

      Have u been ok?

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    I've been mostly well also. I don't contribute nearly as much as in the early days...I'm with you on missing the great poets of years past. Hopefully new ones will continue to add to the mix and maybe...maybe...we will see more of our old friends again one day too.