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  • Demons

    He is the moon that eclipses my sun

    The driving force that makes me run

    The creature so bad yet so tempting

    Luring me to hell, so overpowering

    It calls me close and no one notices

    Yet when he is done they offer no condolences

    I never let him out, i trap him inside

    To try to break free but i put him back where he resides

    But with the beast inside there's nowhere I can hide

    When the lights go out

    He crawls out

    In the shadows he thrives

    My demon comes alive

    The assassin who wants fresh blood

    Out from the ocean he peers, it is now salty because of my tears

    fall to the ground with a startling thudd

    My vision goes blurry but i see so clear

    I wail at night with a blood curdling cry

    Hoping my problems go away or fly

    Don't get to close because your not safe

    He will hurt you if you look in my eyes

    Like a mantis he lurks in wait

    And when he's got you he muffles your cries

    My demon is me, in disguise

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    sanitly always has its limits
    sometimes being insain is more fun


    • Breezy
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      true that!