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    There was a time the light came back
    But didn't last the life was jet black
    Then you grasp for hope or cling to fear
    Search for a feeling always close and near
    Start to grasp for emotion quick and strong
    Not to say that anything truly lasts long

    Then when I finally start to find the light
    The past once buried starts to shine bright
    The moral dilemma finally starts to settle in
    Do I keep the new or choose the old within
    Both kept me safe both share my undying love
    Both of them gracious and loveable as a dove

    Do you pick the old you wish you had never lost
    Or greet the one your glad to have ever crossed
    The old never left I let them fall into thin air
    But the new clings on for hope in despair
    The old tried to come back but was hurt
    Or do I try my hardest to keep myself inert

    By: DepressedPoet