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I have no Idea what to call it but possably NatureVol1or something

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  • I have no Idea what to call it but possably NatureVol1or something

    Medows Flowers

    The wind blows gently
    across medows the bright green
    smelling flower blooms

    By: DepressedPoet

    night sky

    light far yet stuning
    look into the sky so far
    feel's the peace we hold

    By: DepressedPoet

    Pond of peace

    Water flows in sync
    into the pond of wisdom
    A pond of true peace

    By: DepressedPoet

    The world of us the people of our world .The people around us this world.
    A world so peaceful and deep being able to submerge ourselves in it.
    I have no right to tell anyone this but, I think we after a while forget how
    lucky we are. Most of us haven't been in a place with no love no care
    no air no room only fear and the knowlage that your time is short. we
    as a group of people as beings able to walk on this earth should know
    even if its a bad day maybe one day maybe two maybe your forced into a corner
    stuck in your own house. yes it sucks but, to avoid draging it on the last part is
    to address it.

    By: DepressedPoet

    Be Grateful

    I wake up numb and broke again
    look out the window clouds and rain
    remember last night the things in the dark
    remember the movies the stories ark
    look into memories and remember
    the story I heard just last december

    look at the memories of pain within
    or would i rather forget my frien
    get up to being numb and unable to talk
    at least I can move unlike the guy in shock
    sure I can see the scars along myself
    at least I stopped before the rope on the shelf

    Sure I see the solution before I understand
    but at least I could do it now how grand
    I fight and win but why so empty
    I have running water pepsi
    why do I want to cry and break
    at least i'm not ont the stake?

    I have the earth the mountin
    where myself was found in
    i have the water pond
    to see clarity and respond
    i have the sky endless and pure
    where within lays my ailments cure

    By: DepressedPoet