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The Hunters Eye

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  • The Hunters Eye

    A hunter for hours stalks his prey
    watching each movement of the day
    wait for the proper time to strike it down
    the way of the hunter he who has the crown
    looks into the eyes of deceit and fear
    but will the evil of the past perservere


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    Love the title, that's what drew me in. Maybe the hunter Orion?-- This was cool, I read it a few times, first out loud which was fun and with a nice lilt that sung the poem out; then in my head which was very different but somehow always is! It's reminiscent of innocent feelings and feeling the idea of loss impinge, along with the themes of what surrounds a hunter, what he's hunting for, and all good questions like that.
    But then the hunter never looked at the animals (or whatever he hunted) as if he was first not scared (probably, I imagine) and then had that to overcome. Then it makes me think, what is this evil of the past, what has it to do with what he hunts? And it is a really good little poem.
    Thanx for sharing.