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  • Resistance

    This war will never end
    Not unless we wake up
    And face the carnage
    That crashed upon us

    Revenge is overdue
    Let's roll up our sleeves
    And fight for the stricken
    And the bereaved

    The time that we waited
    For synchronised attack
    Just to purge the darkness
    That for long held us back

    Resistance is now
    Why falter, why refuse?
    Deep down in your heart
    There lies a hero in you

    The war, the misery
    It was our way of life
    Now that we have courage
    It's time to fight

    Every woman, every man
    Of every corner of the world
    Join the resistance
    For our lives and happiness to return


    When there's Covid ravaging the earth, there's vaccination to bring its rampage to a grinding stop.