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  • I Heart My Country Trap

    In Honor of MLK all this month I too have a dream

    I Heart My Country Trap Glen Mitton 2021

    The " I Heart My Country TRAP " has been set
    It's part of the ongoing criminal " dragnet "
    That fence around the Capital ? , it's Tactical
    But not for an attack from the outside ,
    It's for TRAITORS escaping from the inside
    The cheese on the trigger ? , their own hatred
    We know the enemy , and of their " Matrix "
    A rat is a rat , it's their inherent instinct
    We know who's who and who is linked !
    The trap has sprung ! , they took the bait
    It's easy when they're motivated by hate
    Patience is a virtue , it coincides with love
    Tomorrow we will witness victory from above
    " I Love My Country " , is another way of saying
    " You're Busted and We're Not Playing "