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  • Green

    You are green like a leaf, which drifts slowly, out of control

    If winter is the coldest season, then you are the early buds of spring

    You are definitely green, like the ocean sometimes

    But oceans can be blue, and blue isn’t the colour for you

    I’ve heard people say that blue is their sadness, indigo, their favorite book store and cyan as their colour in among us.

    Green is saved for the down to earth shrek archetype, for the people who couldn’t be more in the middle, for the people who just can’t stand to like a primary colour

    You are green, like sometimes?

    Like when i see you in the hall yet when i blink and you have already turned the corner

    Or when i see that light green circle that says you are active, yet i pinch myself when i try to start another conversation

    You are green, like the grass, and i would love to see your face as often as i see the grass

    Green as that 2019 spring when we first met

    And sometimes, you’re green like go, welcoming me into your arms

    Often times your green like yes, or no, but never maybe, even when you don’t respond, even when its rainy

    You’re green like kermit, singing sad songs even when you do belong, i’ll always be your theme song

    Your thoughts are like the depths of the uncharted ocean, beautiful by nature yet we’ll never get to really know them

    Your smile is like a jungle where you can’t tell which root leads to which tree but you just know that at least one of them is for me

    I’ve seen you wear green like proud, shouting aloud, not needing to be found, because you are earthbound

    You are green like overwhelming happiness, like infectious laughter spreading through every inch of me when we speak

    You are green like the beautiful disaster of shrek 3, even then you still mean the world to me

    People sometimes want to push you down, say that green is too creative, too complicated but so are you, and they will try to understand you but, they will never get past.

    I heard them call you green like its a disorder, but what's a couple words before it

    You are green like beautiful, a siren’s song luring me in

    Because you are green like strong, and you will prove them wrong, you will never play along

    You’ve already heard them call you green like mean, or sick, so what if you don’t get arithmetic, to your side i will always stick

    You are green like a romance novel, messed up but amazing at the same time, maybe thats why i think you are amazing

    Depression isn’t a bad thing, it's more like a traffic light when you are going to meet someone, not stop or no, maybe it's just stuck or slow, but i am here to let you know, that green to me means go

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    I enjoyed this meandering through the maze of green. Some clever combinations here.


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      Thank you!

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    Voluminous and 'breezy' I really enjoyed this and singing it out loud it was very scrumptious entertaining. Cool combination of elements here, what with the modern references (usually poetry is dateless, right, but sometimes beset in ancient) and then the elements like the siren's song and the repetition of green as the element in the middle of the poem.


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      Thank you.

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    the begining pulls you into the melt of emotion of happiness but also a sadness hidden in the shadows. I really enjoyed it!