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A poem turned into a tangent ish

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  • A poem turned into a tangent ish

    Feel the deep eyes of fear and dobut
    turn around and to the beast you shout
    what are you and what do you need us for
    a calm cunning voice responds look within the core

    sometimes the evil we see in the world is so deep within our core its inescapeable yet despite this the "good people" within the world claim they are the group that cares more and loves more but in the end my question is simple

    Is there such thnig as a good person?

    The answer in my persional opinion is no there are better people and worse people but no person is a good person. Your free to let me know your opinion however this is my truthful opinion. No one not you nor I are good people sure you are a better person than me but you nor me are good people in my opinion ofc.

    Why the hell am I saying this....

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    Food for thought. I have a different perspective though I do believe in good people. is it the good people who say they care and love more.because I would have said those who elevate themselvles would be demonstrating an unlikely characteristic. Thank you for posting.


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      Thats intresting persective...