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really long lined poem challenge?

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  • really long lined poem challenge?

    so baceically i have to write useing bigger words and longer lines and use at lease one refrance to myself i got the challenge from a friend who did it to challange themselves and it seemed like fun to use tho they write in a really happy way

    A tear falls then another starts to fall for more to form
    emotions fall away and now I weather the eternal storm
    feel the empty cold glace starring right back at into me
    look at my reflection once more but darkness is all to see
    feel the random spikes of fear and shivers to numb the pain
    look into the eyes of evil in the mirror and see i remain

    the feeling that no matter what you choose to do or what you say
    the possibility there’s nothing more for me then a world in shades of gray
    the tears gradually speed until there is a flow of tears forever engraved
    on a face full of no remorse just than pain and sorrow eternally ashamed
    feel the fear and pain slowly illuminate brighter in a place of pure darkness

    By: DepressedPoet

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    I didn't make it long enough


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      I'm not sure exactly what you were going for, but it's longer than any you've posted before (line-length anyway). I think I'd find this difficult, in the sense that I like to rhyme, and rhyming patterns (for me) often dictate a certain syllable count and meter, often coming in naturally (to my ear) around 11-15 syllables per line. I've done very long poems, with multiple stanzas, but the individual lines never got too long.

      Just a suggestion I used to get from other poets here in the zone when I started...if it's not what you wanted, work with it again after it sets for a few days or a couple of weeks and repost when you think you have it.