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Sticky Problem, Slippery Fix

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  • Sticky Problem, Slippery Fix

    Seepy metal acidic stink
    Settles softly along my tongue,
    My fingers, too, nose, ears, and eyes
    (Eventually found down in a lung).
    All those songs about far-off stars
    And the latest great evil upon the land
    Could next tide be found washed away
    Like a castle made out of sand
    On the edge of a baleful gaze,
    Possibly a trick of the light,
    The affect of faint fragility,
    A horrible beautiful sight
    Some swear somehow is authentic
    Instead of another decoy,
    A finely hewn horse full of murder,
    Another step toward the death of joy.

    Today we can't be touched at all,
    In wine with friends we drown our care.
    Tomorrow finds us back in the scrum
    No longer anything to despair.
    Sinister forces our Hero
    Far from home on another quest
    To come back shiny from crazy,
    Slightly improved now after the test
    Has traded the look of the hunted
    For an old spark back in my eyes.
    The fear was only ignorance
    Yearning to be good and wise.
    Perpetually grateful to have been
    For a moment even anything.
    Not today easily nothing,
    Today hear me laugh and sing.