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  • Mi-76

    You know what they say , If your going to dream you might as well dream big ! I just pray God and the fat lady are freinds

    MI-76 ( c ) Glen Mitton 2021
    ( Our Last Bastion of Hope )

    The British have MI-6 , We have OUR own , MI-" 76 " !
    Commanded by , the Father , Son and the Holy Spirit
    A continuing volunteered force that's refuses to pivot
    Even Peter Graves and his crew would of been impressed
    How we're taking on these demons in this seditious slugfest
    They say , " it's always darkest before the dawn "
    Yet THESE " weasels " let THEIR anarchists on the lawn " !
    We watched as they opened the gates and showed the way
    That's how WICKED they are , and THEY want to rule the day ?
    Thanks , but no thanks Charlie , we'll take it from here
    We have a " contingency plan " that has all the right gear
    OUR OWN " Military Leaders " that are in charge ,
    I think I could handle Marshall Law for a couple of days
    Let Our Distinguished Military leaders clear up the haze
    Put the Winning Candidate , President Trump in office !
    Telling the world he's there for US , NOT for " profit "
    OUR Armed Forces will remedy these " home grown " invaders
    With some Military Litigation " attuned " for treacherous traitors
    It's obvious these corrupted people cannot " govern "
    Don't worry folks OUR Military has it covered
    After January 20th , it's back to business
    " I pray this to happen as God is my witness "

    " They came they saw they tried , they failed "
    Everyone of these lousy criminals gets nailed
    " You're next sitting ? , is in front of a Military Tribunal "
    " You backed the wrong flag pal ! and the wrong people "
    They've had all the usual suspects " tapped "
    Listening as they got their disgusting " congrats "
    They witnessed all of the election fraud
    Watched how they clamored and clawed
    When suddenly their pathetic plan went awry
    As their " programmed machine's count " went bye bye
    Documenting all the " insidious infiltration "
    It was THEN not now we cried for OUR Nation
    They captured it all , all it encompassed
    They have the smoking guns and all their accomplices
    No need to go into the detailed " pleasantries "
    As long as they've derailed all the enemies !
    Winston Churchill said it best , in His darkest hour
    How the " WILL to Defend " gave HIS people the power
    Here we go into OUR " Roaring Twenties "
    I pray to God he " Emboldens OUR Sentries "