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  • Escape to this Place

    Have you Seen Cows with Trunks?
    Have you Seen Horns on Skunks?
    Have you Seen Bears that Fly,
    Elephants with One Big Eye?

    Have you Seen Frogs that Moo,
    Camels Sleeping in a Shoe?
    Have you Seen Goats with Fins,
    Porcupines with Scaly Skins?

    Have you Seen Deer that Roar?
    Have you Seen Geese that Snore?
    Have you Seen Cats with Beaks,
    Moose that Speak in Tiny Squeaks?

    Just because it Isn’t True,
    Who’s to Say it’s Not for You?

    What you Make up In your Brain,
    Special Way for You to Gain,
    Pal you Make when You Pretend,
    Dreaming up a Unique Friend.

    Welcomed Reprieve you'll Achieve,
    In this Land of "Make Believe."

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    I'll take a break there...perhaps it might even inspire my own poem? We'll see.

    I like this lighter side in such gloomy times.


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      Feeling rather gloomy this morning myself - with all that is going on - made up my own Make Believe Friend who encouraged me to write this Goofy Rhyme.