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    I know some might say it's to late it's over , but I say Jan. 20th isn't here yet . I pray for a miracle . The Lord works in mysterious ways. Any way this is me venting but it would of been nice to see some sort of Care from our enlisted men who took an oath of protection.

    Meters and Measures Glen Mitton 2021

    Hey General !, hey Colonel ! , What the F$#% ! , how's about protecting us !
    Shouldn't that include times during a disputed election ?
    Especially when hints of trouble whether foreign or domestic
    You know like when " electronic listening devices " are suspected ?
    It would of shown good faith to send in somebody or send up a drone
    Maybe send in a PFC with a stethoscope , ANYTHING just throw a us bone
    If ever , this is the time for " Military Intervention " , and I say it's a GO !
    This is an obvious DO OVER, and we must be ABSOLUTE and THOROUGH
    It's okay if the " BRASS " takes a look see , we'll understand and take a pause
    After all The Constitution IS in " black and white " with no SELFISH HEINOUS clause !
    Virus or not this is pure evil , the enemy has thrust it's sword with a lethal blow
    It's time for the " Stars " on those helmets to shine , in this Good vs Evil show
    We need the precision of the " Military Intelligence EYES ", on this one
    This is their " quarter back sneak " play to their End Run !
    Get with our " Esteemed Military Scholars " and DEBUNK this election
    You have all the World's and OUR Nation's Patriots BLESSING
    For only one reason ,THERE WAS foreign influences, in this STEAL !
    When that happens , we should allow OUR military to step in THAT"S THE DEAL
    Remember they're here to protect , EVERYONE IN THIS LAND
    Not some , not a group , not a particular party , understand ?
    They have ways , " meters " and " measures " and " equipment galore "
    You know the stuff , the stuff " THAT MAKES CHEATERS SORE " !
    What's the matter Nancy ? , what's the rush Mitch ?
    " Is our tailpipe showing ? we're not far enough in the ditch " !
    I'd rather be under a competent faithful loyal to our Constitution military rule
    Then to be under traitors any day of the week and be governed a fool
    Joe ! , see the writing on the wall and concede , this is your time to lead
    Do this before Jan. 20th , declare Donald Trump the winner by default
    And we can encircle our enemies forever in an ever lasting haze of a " Gestalt " *