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  • Keep it inside

    For some there are demons

    And others have glory

    Revenge or royalty

    I have something much more complicated


    Not good ones

    The feelings that pull you down when you are feeling that little spike in happiness

    Feelings that make you hurt inside when you are having the time of your life

    Those feelings that search inside out for a reason to make you hate yourself

    Feelings that come swinging harder each time you push them away

    But I have made a blockade

    Pushing the pain away

    The depression tries to drown me yet i can breath underwater

    The anxiety shoots bullets of fear through my veins

    Yet i pretend that my veins are steel

    I pretend that this will all go away

    If i just ignore the pain

    Because it's worked on the others

    The army of others that have tried to pry my walls open

    But my skin is now dented

    Walls now scarred

    Yet i lock that fear behind bars

    I can’t let it get to me

    It never has before

    Even when i am down on luck

    My walls have never failed

    But now i begin to think

    What if the walls aren’t just keeping everything out?

    It's keeping the roots of the pain in

    I can’t let anyone know

    Keep the feelings in

    Keep the pain in

    Keep it all in

    And it will disappear


    No one has to know

    It will only hurt them more

    You have to be strong

    You have to be kind

    You can’t be depressed

    Not here

    Not now.