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  • Monday Musing

    Monday Musing

    Monday meant
    a back-to-work-day
    for the girl on yonder stool.

    Tuesday lent
    a tease of foreplay;
    sparking coming-weekend drool.

    Wednesday went
    down hump-day hallway
    dimming lights of party pool.

    Thursday bent,
    for briefest outlay
    prick of conscience, like a tool.

    Friday - scent
    of primal outré
    razed the land, forsaking rules.

    Weekend spent
    on wild-night forays
    fanned her hedonistic fuel.

    Tell me, gents,
    turned back to Monday,
    would you name her crass - or cool?

    Notes: It's feels like a very long time since I've posted something new. After reading and posting comments on some other pieces, the rhyming itch surfaced and these silly verses popped up. No deep reflection on my part...the first stanza wrote itself into a rhythm and I tried to replicate it using a days-of-the-week theme (with a little cheat lumping Saturday and Sunday into one stanza - call it poetic license). Comments welcome.

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    I'm going to embrace the power of "and" here. Drooling over the coming weekend on a Tuesday might not be the most elegant behavior, but it is kind of cool.


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      I like that...and so often find a both/and where others are bent on honing the one-way street! Thanks for the look and comment!


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        It flows nicely, the format works and although you mention silly verses it seems coherent to me. I enjoyed it