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  • lureking in the shadows

    You see putting it simply i'm grate
    really theres no need to drag on fait
    if you where to truely let me go
    deep within the dark my secrets show

    hidden from the world i find
    there no question nor content of mind
    put me to the test i'll do just fine
    and honestly your pushing crost the line

    look into the fear and honor of peace
    even it the cost is your soul or even an increase
    the darkness lurking behind every dark glance
    the evil the while your hurt chooses to prance

    sometimes there pain hurt you so much
    you try to take it to feel it to help and such
    to feel there dreams fall apart to feal the pain you your self know so well
    the fact that is the avoidance of people there toughts and feelings put me through hell

    By: DepressedPoet

    Damn the end of that got big....

  • #2 your closing thought. I've had that experience too...I usually write it into another stanza. Not sure that's a good solution, but it's worked - on occasion.