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  • Last Moon

    Last sentry in the sky
    Presides as we say goodbye
    So it will come to pass
    Leads us from this impasse

    TwentyTwenty to TwentyTwentyone
    New year arises with the morning sun
    Hope will arise as we give it a jab
    Vaccine will be herd and immune so fab

    This was the year of the covid strain
    Corona virus is waving again
    Lockdown and many tiers
    Continue to coming year

    The Last moon our night watchman
    Will see TwentyTwenty gone
    As fireworks light up sky with blast
    This year we consign to the past

    The last moon high in the sky
    In the dark a lunar sigh
    The last moon of the year
    Offers hope. Replaces fear

    The last moon whose grace above
    Reminds us of all we love
    The last moon makes a review
    Watches over as we renew

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      Photo, poem, sentiment expressed - all wonderful! Thanks for sharing this Jon!


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        You are welcome still have to try and attract Lunar Glides interest


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          Your wit always gets my attention!