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  • 2020

    As the new years sparklers burn bright

    I find myself closing my eyes

    Reflecting on the past year

    Some call a nightmare

    Right off the bat with the wildfires

    Cooking Australia

    Surrounded by clouds of confusion

    And wisps of smoke

    Only washed away by the floods who hit harder

    Harder than the plane crash that killed a legend and his legacy

    Harder than the multiple crashes and explosions that no one seems to notice

    Cause its all covered in the giant cloud of coronavirus that hides what some call the less important stuff

    Just cause it doesn’t affect you, doesn’t mean it hits any less hard

    So we distract ourselves by reading Harry Potter

    Sucks for you cause you hate your favorite author

    Cause she doesn’t respect transexual people

    Being LGBTQ i know a fraction of the pain that all these people felt

    Yet being half coloured i don’t know a single thing of what the discriminated people felt

    10 years ago my idol Shane Koyczan shared a poem named we are more

    And 10 years ago, we were more

    3 years after that he decided to not present it anymore

    Because not only Canada, but a bunch of other places weren’t more anymore

    7 years later we still have fallen apart

    In 2003, the Black Eyed Peas released a song titled Where Is the Love?

    17 years later we still don’t know the answer

    Now in 2020, we still aren’t more

    And the 1.79 million people who have died from covid and all the people who cared about them

    They have had a very tough year

    And I thank whoever is up there every morning because no one i love has been affected

    Now with all the protests and action we don’t have a second to think about everyone who has lost someone

    Now Cancer and old age don’t matter as much?

    What kind of logic is that?


    That's my opinion on this nightmare of a year

    I hope it's the end

    And I pray it's not the beginning of something much more terrible...

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      Thank you!


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        Breezy I agree what a year. I would be interested in hearing your opinions on JK Rowling. One of my work roles is to promote Diversity and Inclusion and I like to understand what people feel about these issues. If you are okay to chat about that please pm me if not don't worry.


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          waii now i have to look into her not respecting trans people... UwU


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            Sounds like you've captured recent history by comparing it with what has come before - nice technique of harkening back to specific markers (3, 10 and 17 years ago) and specific references for comparison. Wishing you all the best for 2021.