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"Some day I will catch it"...

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  • "Some day I will catch it"...

    A relic stands. It is testament to more than an afternoon, more than the plucked strings and the end of the song.
    It is eternal and eternity, twins of two-eyed sun-paths; the glow at midnight that shouldn't be.
    I have traced its fossil beyond matter, became its foe and wept over its cold bones. I watched where it went, and saw how it became spiritual, over the gross, and ended up choosing the only thing it could.
    So that its shape would change and still leave me. I figured.
    I thought that it were like a snake sloughing off its skin, and the way it nudges its nose to get free from the rest.
    A relic stands; and once again it's Christmas. Last night the brothers conjoined, Saturn and Jupiter, closest in the sky in 800 years it said, all over the net. And it made me very regardful, imagining how long it took two brothers to make it ... here ... upon the back of bony Mother Earth.
    What can I say? What if one were lost for 800 years? There are stretches of time that boggle the mind, we get lost in our scope-- attached to this year 2020.
    Where do we belong then? It was the "Bethlehem star" which translates to me as the Star of peace.
    May we find this peace all days of our lives and bestow it just the same, as a gift and to be cherished.
    A relic stands. And it's like a tree during Christmas.
    I can hear knocking, and I myself tend to knock on occasion as well, not quite sure what will answer, as well as it's better without the expectation.
    Maybe I'm wrong about the star. It must be here so that we don't get lost, whomever we happen to be, whatever we are.
    Here is to the Bethlehem star this Christmas during the darkmost Winter after the reckoning of the light's own rising, now, and forever...