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  • Love Unbared

    Like sparkling orbs were both her eyes;
    Her skin like polished marble gleamed;
    A vamp was she, 'twas no surprise;
    For her beauty she was esteemed.

    Into her web, Saladin fell
    And soon by love's bug was he gnawed.
    His passion pains, nothing could quell,
    For Saladin was overawed.

    So to the maid, Saladin said;
    'I love thee more than life itself.
    To make thee my dear bride to wed,
    I would give all my geld and pelf.'

    'Oh! Saladin, you flatter me,
    But geld and pelf will not buy me.
    Four things are all I ask of thee,
    To prove your love is true to me.'

    'Ask what you will and I'll respond,
    If it's within my power to.
    You have my word; it is my bond -
    There's naught I will not do for you!'

    'O Saladin, if you love me
    Disband your harem for I will not
    Condone your whoring. I must be
    Your sole bride when we tie the knot.'

    'Go, concubines! One, two and three.
    Forego my bed, I set you free.
    My love, doubt not my thirst for thee;
    You are the only draught for me!'

    'O Saladin, if you love me,'
    She said in accents sweet as mead.
    'Renounce your gold and I will be
    All the wealth you will ever need!'

    'My riches will I give away,
    Because my love's richer than gold.
    It shall wax stronger by the day,
    And I will be repaid tenfold!'

    'O Saladin, if you love me,
    You'll bid all of your friends 'Adieu'.
    You won't need them for I will be
    Abundant company for you!'

    'Away with you,' Saladin said
    To all his friends, both false and boon.
    'To all save my love, I am dead.
    With her only, shall I commune.'

    'If you love me, O Saladin,
    You will have no faith save in me.
    You'll serve me and a paladin
    In Allah's thrall no longer be.'

    'For you, my love, God, I disclaim.
    I'll worship you from noon to night.
    I'll wage war only in your name
    And put all infidels to flight.'

    'Dear Saladin, that will be all.
    Your love you've strived hard to assert.
    I am now sure that in my thrall
    You are and I possess your heart.

    I do not doubt your love for me
    Now that it's clear and plain to see.
    But now of fineries you are free,
    I see I have no love for thee!'

    Persisting with this poem would be
    Like twisting a blade in a wound.
    For with a cry of 'Woe is me!',
    Mad Saladin instantly swooned.
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