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    Always remember , it is WE the People . Never give up Never Surrender

    Valley Forge Ahead Glen Mitton 2019

    Dateline : December 19, 1777 , it was on this day
    George Washington led his Continental Army to Valley Forge, Pa.
    Just twenty two miles from British-occupied Philadelphia
    The men arrived malnourished and suffering from hypothermia
    Because of the defeats at Brandywine Creek and Germantown *
    George knew he needed time to bring his troops around
    There he set up " Winter Quarters " in the effort to hold back
    Defending the west bank of the Schuylkill River in case of attack
    He even went against Congress by NOT attacking the British
    He knew if he did so he and his army would be finished
    Though Congress was unable to provide any supplies
    Hindsight being 20/20 , Washington's move was wise
    If that wasn't enough , Congress was making plans under the table
    They were losing faith they didn't think he was fit or able
    That Winter might of been the end to the American Revolution
    In time General Washington came up with a few solutions
    With the help of Major General Frederick Von Steuben and his skill's **
    He kept the troops busy with strategic modern military drills
    With the help from Ben Franklin France joined the fight ! ***
    This changed the outcome of the Revolution over night ****
    The evil forces that lay ahead might think we are " beleaguered "
    It's history all over again with secret plans , becoming raucous and eager
    As the documented " Muster Roll " shows , these men were at hand *****
    Despite the odds they remained loyal to Washington's command
    How brutal it must of been in those harsh Winter days
    I can only speak from my heart when I say
    We have a responsibility to their heritage
    And " hold fast " to the enemy's arrogance
    To those brave men who remained , my loyalty is not dead
    That's why this Winter we should all " Valley Forge Ahead "

    * Both in Pennsylvania on September 11, 1777 & October 4, 1777
    ** He served as Inspector General and a Major General of the Continental Army
    *** France declared war on the British on March 17, 1778.
    **** " With renewed confidence George Washington lead his troops out of Valley Forge to face the British again"
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