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    Pernicious Prelude ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    According to the Chinese calendar , 2021 is the year of the " Ox "
    According to mine it's the year of the " Fox "
    My calendar also notes one of Grandpa's life lessons "
    " When you get behind an animal like that you know what you might " Step In "
    When that " Iconic Ball " drops in New York's , " Times Square "
    That will signal their " mic drop " to everyone everywhere
    To them there's no need to continue the show is done
    They conclude their , " Dog and pony show " won
    These idiots want US to give up roll over and quit
    Well , you know what that word that rhymes with !
    2020 was their " Pernicious Prelude " to what to expect
    They hope in 2021 to finish the rest
    I say January 1st is just another date
    Nothing is over and nothing's too late
    I'll be singing " The Star-Spangled Banner " instead of “ Auld Lang Syne ”
    Friends are precious but Liberty and Freedom is Divine !
    These stooges ran onto on the stage of " hypocrisy "
    By bribing and corrupting with no apology
    Well Simon says , " Go directly to jail ",
    " Don't pass Go and Hands off the mail " !
    Make no mistake , this is still " OUR PAGEANT " !
    Let's show what they already know , America's got Talent
    Talent to take Diversity and Intolerance head on
    Show the world what's right and what's dead wrong
    An Ox is really powerful you'd be amazed
    But it's lumbering presence can be out foxed in many ways

    Happy New Year