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Sunshine and Butterflies

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  • Sunshine and Butterflies

    I love the way you make me grin on the other end of a phone

    Your smile makes the stars blush

    Your laugh, a spark that ignites my heart

    Your eyes, a misty ocean with worries in the depths of the blue

    Your hair, silken strands of pure gold

    Sunshine and butterflies

    The best way i can describe how you make me feel

    I would count all the stars in the vast twilight for you

    When we meet, the midnight and the pearly white moon is reflecting off my faded tears

    In my dictionary, you are the definition of beauty.

    We walk in the woods, hands interlocked

    And i look to you

    I question why you chose me

    I hope its not out of pity

    Because your timeless charm gives me butterflies in my stomach

    And your hair glints with sunlight

    Your fire lighting up my overwhelming darkness

    Helping me see what is truly good about me

    Helping me find paradise in oblivion

    With that old familiar feeling

    Of happiness.

    I'm that person, that no one seems to notice

    I'm that person who is always in the shadows

    I'm that person, with scars going deeper than your blue eyes

    I'm that person who you can call on at anytime

    I'm that person who you never call on

    I’m that person who you will never see past Thursday

    I'm that person who will be there for you no matter what

    I'm that person who cares about you.

    Kind-hearted enough to talk to me

    And actually, talk

    Talking about you, not just me

    Re-telling sad stories to me

    Intriguing personality i can’t seem to figure out

    Never questions my scars or bruises

    Always questions herself.

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    really nice, keep them coming


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