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  • The One

    This is a poem I wrote called “The One”. It’s all about the aftermath of a breakup and the heartbreak thats left for you to heal from.
    I won’t ever let you see me cry
    You won’t ever know my pain
    All of the heartbreak you caused me
    My tears hidden by the rain
    Was I not good enough
    Was I just a conquest of yours
    I know I should have listened to the stories
    But you’re the only one who never made me feel quite so insecure
    I remember the first “I love you”
    Now I know that was a lie
    Those words a constant reminder
    That you didn’t really try
    “Is it better to speak or to die?”
    The young boy asks the princess
    “To speak” she says in reply
    And I’ve always wondered why
    For to speak involves courage
    Of which you left me none
    Now all I have is memories
    From when I thought you were the one.

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    Welcome - it is a pleasure to have you here!


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      Seems like there might be some courage left after all. Keep speaking, please.


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        really nice, i can feel the pain