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    Some context: this was the first poem I ever wrote that was not for school. I wrote it around 4 years ago, it is a true story up until number 4, hope you enjoy!

    10 the age that I transferred schools to the place that drained me and completely depressed me. It tore and dented the wall protecting my warm heart. Until one day it broke, and then they got to me, the demons and devils with parasites that infected my brain to give in to the horror. It shredded me to scraps that they kicked and punched their way to my heart, I don't know why but I felt like I have been through this before. But this was not the first and not the last time.

    9 the number of ways they tortured me, from teasing to stabbing. They hurt me so much that I was trapped in time with the constant fear of being hurt. Afraid to turn the corner because I was scared that there was a monster. They scared me so much that I broke my bones to keep me away from them. But there was no stopping the flood of words that broke my dam.

    8 the time that my horrors started every day. I prayed and wept, tried to fake sick and I overslept just to avoid the treacherous day ahead. A time that the bullies craved, because they got to hurt someone else. But I was sick of being hurt, and I tried to fight.

    7 counselors I went to hoping they would help. But they did not get the pain that I felt, I tried to get a single chance to feel like the average person felt. But when i went to the principal they didn't even care.

    6 hours I had to face every day and that was hell. It was crazy how the teachers expected me to get good grades yet they knew I was getting bullied, I was failing school and failing at standing up for myself.

    5 times that i cried a day and every time they laughed. It was more painful than getting punched or kicked or even stabbed with a knife. It ripped away what I had left which was nothing besides hate and fear, flesh and blood. My heart was poisoned with their words, and my brain was infected all the time.

    4 times he has tried to kill himself, it might be five very soon, he knows what he is giving up but also what he can be free from. The thought is unbearable, unimaginable, yet he would be free, thoughts would disappear and his bleeding cease for good and his bullies dissipate.

    3 ways he could do it, quick or suffering. A few things he will miss and the rest he will love to say goodbye to. His fate is challenged by his parents who don’t know about his pain. Then it is reassured by the stones they throw at his window. He has made up his mind and his brain has caught a virus, he finds the gun and takes it out knowing that he has…

    2 minutes in his life if he pulls the trigger, his life passes before his eyes, the nightmare is revealed. Then hope comes to his aid, foreshadowing the next two years. It is a good time with almost no bullies around. Then he pushes it away knowing that he has more to lose than to gain.

    1 trigger pulled, 1 bullet passes through his skull. His eyes roll back into his head, his body falls in a dreadful dance to the ground. His last breath escapes his lungs and all the hate and anger recede. His life is over, his troubles vanquished, and everything is finished. His last thought `` it’s over``. and his life is done.

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    Breezy I am glad you are here to write this It is a difficult subject you have done well.