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The Blessing

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  • The Blessing

    Robin flew from the church
    And went on a worm search
    On the route he’d chosen
    Out of luck ground frozen

    On and on flew alone
    Hunger could not postpone
    Alighted in a garden
    Tall table to perch on

    This table not empty
    Had fruit, there was plenty
    The robin did not know
    Man watched from window

    Pete had seen better days
    Lonely in many ways
    Had a health condition
    Made movement a mission

    As 2019 ends
    Pete and Robin found friends
    Into 2020
    Pete’s life changes intently

    Lockdown and frustration
    Forlorn Desperation
    Connections were broken
    Messages left unspoken

    Pandemic isolates
    Robin brought here by fate
    Nature underlined
    Their hope is entwinned

    Staying through the seasons
    Robin gave him reasons
    To smile and have a laugh
    He took some photographs

    Model instincts arose
    Robin struck red breasted pose
    Photo composition
    Won a competition

    That year Pete did survive
    Robin too he did thrive
    Together Progressing
    A bird was his blessing