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On a wing and a prayer

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  • On a wing and a prayer

    Red breasted Robin
    Soared into the air
    Higher and higher
    So high he did dare

    Suddenly a noise
    Then hit by a gust
    He looked at his wing
    He saw it was bust

    He began to plummet
    Gathering speed
    One wing and a prayer
    Are all that he needs

    He lands on soft moss
    and it does yield
    He lay there winded
    On back in the field

    Hurt from the high fall
    Battered and so bruised
    He got up staggered
    He was so confused

    He looked up a star
    He saw in the sky
    Over a building
    Must get there must try

    Tried out his poor wings
    One he could not flap
    Weery legs carry
    Needs rest needs a nap

    As he enters in
    Sees a true wonder
    A stable view that
    He must now ponder

    Finds there a manger
    With baby sleeping
    Animals surround
    For its safekeeping

    Robin settles in
    To peaceful slumber
    Rest and something more
    Helps him recover

    Wakes to angel voices
    Fill the air with song
    Getting up rejoices
    Never felt so strong

    Wise men maybe kings
    Visit baby born
    Shepherds gaze downwards
    at the start of morn

    Robin flaps his wings
    Wing broken no more
    Its a miracle
    Its not even sore

    Filled with renewed hope
    Gone with pain gone fear
    Robin the Redbreast
    Spreads Xmas cheer

    He flew up and out
    Left church to be free
    Congregation watches
    Their nativity

    I posted this for years ago to the day. I am posting again because I have just written a sequel

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    beautiful, glad that you've written a sequel