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    When I heard these two German words and read some history , it reminded me of that Tomato Pototo song , and believe me I'd like to call the whole mess off if I could

    Useless Eaters ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    You say Uber , I say Inter
    I say Onter , You say Ober
    Uber Inter , Onter Ober
    Let's call these Scientists INSANE !
    Here you go folks look this one up , " Ü·ber·mensch " *
    Then go ahead as well , " Un·ter·mensch " **
    This is what You and I are up against !
    Two words that have hung around from the " Good Old Days "
    Inspiring some to plow ahead and fan the " abominable " blaze
    Scientists " breached " awarded with chemical sets
    With no regard for humanity or " polemical " regrets
    Here's another " Whacked " term they've coined in their pocket
    " Useless Eaters " , a broken tooth in their " cognizance " sprocket
    Spawned from " Lebensunwertes Leben " , " life unworthy of life "
    Still keeps a honed edge on their " above it all " knife
    Who are the lucky ones who meet their conformance ?
    Anyone and everyone who's not up to their level of performance
    The elderly disabled homeless minorities and people on welfare
    Are just a few first in line for their Not So Loyal Loving Care
    If you're feeling like a " Guinea Pig " you're not a alone
    All their Evilness is hitting US right at home
    They say they don't need a " Warrant or Writ "
    But THEY DO have a nice shiny " Dripping Hypodermic " !
    It's " Evil History " trying to sneak in the back door Moe
    They're willing to " demonize " and destroy friend or foe
    Here's three words for your DEFENSE , " The Nuremberg Trials "
    What was the " outcome " of that ?, just turn back the dials
    They didn't go to all that trouble just for " Jay " walking
    They didn't gather at the tables for the sake of talking !
    Their Verdict had some very serious consequences
    It was hopefully going to make SOME , " Apprehensive "
    Something was lost in the court room " Translations "
    Apparently it didn't touch enough " neurons " with the " Summation "
    Jail and executions didn't phase enough hearts and minds
    How did that not deter their kind ?
    We're in " Hell's Kitchen " and this is the worlds " Grease Fire "
    Fueled by " off the charts " and " off world " satanic desire
    They are no longer behind the wheel or even driving on the road
    They are in "Jim's " mind , " Squirming like a Toad "
    Remember :
    If you put a frog in boiling water , he jumps out immediately !
    But if you put one in a pot and slowly turn up the heat , he reacts obediently
    " Yeah ! and boils to death " !
    " The burners are lit !, and they're running the tap ! "
    And they just want You and I to take a nap !
    I'm going to the National Archives , in Washington D.C.
    I'm getting a copy of that " Verdict " just for me
    If they come knocking on my door looking for a fight
    I'm going to say , " According to the the Geneva Convention ,
    You can take your " FrankenShot " and shove it ! , You don't have the Right !

    Let's call it , " These scientists have some serious Mommy issues " !

    * Ü·ber·mensch , noun
    The ideal superior man of the future who could rise above conventional Christian morality to create and impose his own values, originally described by Nietzsche in Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883–85).

    ** Un·ter·mensch , noun
    A person considered racially or socially inferior.

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    Awesome! Been scrolling here since I'm bored and I want to be relaxed by reading a poem. I find your poem interesting. Just wondering about your inspiration in writing this one couz it's unique in my eyes. Tree Chipper