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  • Carry On

    Carry On in a life gone by
    Carry On with a laugh supply
    Carry on with a loud snigger
    Carry On with humours vigour

    A franchise brash and bawdy
    British fun does embody
    Humour served with own sauce
    Inuendo they did toss

    Sid James with a knowing chuckle
    Earthy charm you could not ruffle
    Barbara Windsor’s titillation
    With her mild deprecation

    Kenneth Williams upper class camp
    Hattie Jaques knew when to be a vamp
    Lesley Philips smooth sometimes cad
    Jim Dales hero likely lad

    Ooooh Matron a common refrain
    Mined music halls comic vein
    Toilet humour did commence
    Often at your convenience

    Infamy Infamy
    They ‘ve all got it in for me
    Kenneth Williams crowd pleaser
    Trotted out in their stab at Caesar

    Naughty but nice , we did see
    Babs fling off her bikini
    Carry on in perpetuity
    Carry on classic comedy

    Barbara Windsor R.I.P.
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    I didn't know her work, but this is a lovely tribute.


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      Her profile is not high outside the UK. She unfortunately sufered from Alzheimers and did a lot of work raising its profile