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To Touch Darkness

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  • To Touch Darkness

    I lean close to whisper

    “Don’t be afraid”

    I won’t hurt you

    Not unless you try to remove me

    Because wherever there is light

    There is me

    And wherever i am

    So is the darkness

    But the dark isn’t always cold

    Not if you take a second look

    See the scars made of shadow

    And the bruises of twilight

    Lots don’t notice

    Those who do


    As I am everywhere

    Yet nowhere

    Shadows of emotions

    At your side

    Hoping to run

    Hoping to fly

    But i won’t let go

    Without you

    I am nothing

    You and I

    A fire within the darkness

    Whose shadow reflects

    Ancient artifacts of a soul

    To touch darkness

    A daring attempt

    No idea what's behind the cloak

    Maybe paradise in oblivion

    Perhaps, an empty void of nothingness

    After all

    That's what darkness is

    That's what I am.

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    You can' have darkness without light to demostrate a contrast . An interesting poem I enjoyed it thank you for sharing