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  • Wwwwd

    WWWWD Glen Mitton 2020

    UK it's a go ! , okay !
    Just in time for Christmas day !
    You know what they say ," In for a penny in for a pound "
    Then when you're not looking , you're " Crowned "
    " Yeah with a brick Mick "! ( Ba dum ! thank you I'll be here all week )
    Move over Mary Poppins , It's St. Nick
    With a nice shiny " Hypodermic " !
    WWWWD , what would William Wallace Do ?
    I'm at a lost , I'm asking you
    That " feather " in the cap ? , turns out is a " boa " !
    And these snakes ain't stopping till they get their quota !
    Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Hyde move aside
    These Wackos have nothing to hide
    " Alas poor Yorick didn't have a chance "
    He was just looking for a date for the dance
    Asked to go into a darkened room , then Boom ! , Dead
    " Mad Scientists " should be renamed " Insane Scientists "
    What say you ? I say go ahead I insist
    The " M " in medicine stands for " Money " and " More of it "
    And then WE get persecuted when We say " Shove it "
    The only " real " science I've seen is " political science "
    The rest is out the window and silenced !
    The race is over , the horse in front of the cart is head
    Here comes those idiot scientists just like I said
    Where is the Russian enemy when you need one ? , MaGee !
    At least he only wants to shoot me
    I think it's time to get our " Minute Men " ON !
    I want to see both our flags casting a shadow at dawn !
    Go with God's Speed Old Bloke
    And that my English Compadre is not a joke