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  • Shadows

    When I was five, my parents split

    Like a tree, with an axe through it

    But that rhyme about sticks and stones

    As if broken bones hurt more than that

    More than the names that we were called

    And i was a painting, splattered with all their words

    Some call it ugly, some call it beautiful

    It matters on perspective

    But for me, it looked horrifying

    So i spent recess inside

    Cause outside

    Outside was hell

    Yet i try to hold my smile

    Straighten my posture

    Widen my eyes

    Cause that's what i was taught

    To be perfect

    Even if one million stones are tied to your feet

    Sinking to the bottom of the ocean

    Keep smiling

    The hallways were a battleground

    The locker rooms a dungeon

    I brought broken bones to show and tell

    We have a book, of all the names

    The title


    The kids who could still go home to mom and dad

    Said, “why are you so sensitive?”

    As if bullying can be remedied with a single pill

    Yet i am here rhyming myself to sleep

    And convincing my imagination

    That rainbows will come

    But rainbows need rain

    And every day is a storm

    My father an alcoholic

    And i, a mixed drink

    One part alone

    And two parts depressed

    Took me as a shot

    Slammed the table

    As hard as he hit me

    At that point i was immune

    To the virus of pain

    But i was still plagued

    With the disease of loneliness

    I have been

    Since age five

    Tears fill my bathtub

    My sweat turns to blood

    She was 7 years old

    Laying on the red stained wood chips

    Her eye as black as their hearts

    As i helped her up

    An energy surged through my veins

    An energy i haven’t felt before

    I dusted her off and wiped her tears

    I gave her a hug, she gave me a shrug

    Told me she could handle it herself

    She was in the same loop as me

    Everyday she got beaten down

    And was told to shut up

    So i invited her into my arms

    We stood strong together

    No matter the weather

    It was us against the world

    Time passes

    And i had to go

    To a new land that could be my home

    I left her in hell

    When i stood

    She fell

    But that house was supposed to be my home

    Wasn’t a home at all

    The first year was a nice year

    I had fun with my vision clear

    But one mistake can seal your fate

    And i made the fatal mistake

    And i did not wait

    For the demons and the monsters


    I had to embrace them with open arms

    With scars flowing down them

    Ending at my childhood

    Wounds heal

    But scars do not

    So those red lines trace memories

    And my black eyes

    Are my battle armour

    I tried to rise

    From mountains to skies

    But i got push down

    And so did my smile

    And now i start to drown

    I will continue

    For a while

    Yet in the sea, a mystery

    I try to find

    The pirates key

    The shining silver

    Draws me closer

    But a whirlpool swirls

    And it draws me back

    I cannot escape

    Charybdis’s wrath

    They stole my voice

    But i took my words

    And i put them out into the world

    Instead of accepting me

    The rejected me

    And something was clearly wrong

    So now i climb the mountain

    Hoping to find

    My inner demons

    Lurking in the shadows.

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    In the end sometimes our demons are the only thing that keeps us running lets just be glad we have those


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      true facts.