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My Honest Poem (my version of the poem by Rudy Francisco)

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  • My Honest Poem (my version of the poem by Rudy Francisco)

    My name is Breezy

    I am sixteen years old as of 2020

    I like italian food, and the colour blue

    I don’t like finding matching socks

    And I hate happy endings

    For me at least, they never come true

    I have this weird fascination with people i could be friends with

    But i don’t have the confidence to walk up to them

    I am the most awkward in social scenarios

    I don’t know what to say

    Probably because i want them to like me

    And i know they won’t if i let them see me

    So i just let my mouth get animated by the will to be normal

    That doesn’t work either…

    So i stick with people who i know won’t judge me for being myself

    Somedays i find myself staring at turned heads and blank faces

    Up until three years ago I thought the only answer to “you want to hang out?” was no

    And when someone gives me a compliment, i always think its out of pity

    When someone says i love you, i answer with one word


    I feel like my hands are always cold because when i make physical contact, they pull away

    I feel like there is someone ahead of me, handing out earplugs

    Because when I talk, no one listens

    So here i am, writing my biography that no one will read

    I feel like i am part of a choir

    No one hears me

    Yet i sound beautiful

    My feet are always leading me somewhere

    Maybe it's true love, maybe not, i trust them to take me somewhere i can be happy

    Because i have searched everywhere and i can’t find it

    Probably because i am blind to emotions, yet i can sense them within other people

    I get high off people being happy, mostly because i can never feel it

    I get scared when people who i don’t know get close enough to see my scars

    Even though i keep them well hidden

    People are naturally curious

    I am either way too trusting

    Or not trusting at all

    Both ways end up in me getting hurt

    I am prone to overcommit in any relationship

    Because there have been countless times i have been left for not saying anything

    Hi, my name is Winston

    I enjoy silence and people who can’t stop laughing

    I know for me that happiness equals music

    And that people sometimes don’t want to be helped

    And whoever is up there, has my life story on their flatscreen

    So here i am, hiding behind the occasional metaphor

    But when you see me, i mean the real me

    It's a pleasure to be around.