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  • Iron Chains

    This is about a condition I have called smiling depression.

    When i smile

    I conceal

    A world where no one heals

    A world where i don’t feel


    My laugh is a distraction

    From a fraction of the pain

    The depression only drains

    From the rough iron chains

    My whole body scarred

    Not from playing in my backyard

    Only in the courtyard

    Of school

    When they broke the rules

    Even in highschool

    Can’t find redemption

    For my happiness

    You see me cheerful

    You see me happy

    When i get punched in the back alley

    Pushed me overboard for not being normal

    Made me walk the plank for having a quarrel

    With myself, trying to keep the depression down

    Wailing aloud without a sound

    Starting to fall

    Starting to drown

    I can’t breach the surface

    With the weight of this burden

    Yet i smile all along

    So i sink to the bottom

    Into the oily slick abyss

    The air escapes my waterlogged lungs

    Blinded by my own blood

    Now deaf to the pain

    The only sound i hear

    Is the white noise in my ear

    And the clanking

    Of the rusted iron chains.

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    I completely felt this. Smiling depression is not easy to live with... In my opinion, it can actually be more painful than regular depression because it's not as easy to observe. I thought you did great with writing this, the message is crystal clear and your wording matches the mood. Try to keep your hopes up : )


    • Breezy
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      Thanks, and I am trying to.

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    Man. Completely resonates with me. Being outside, smiling, showing joy, but never feeling it inside. Pretending gets so hard sometimes. Really appreciate you sharing.

    Michael Smith
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    • Breezy
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      Thanks, and that is kinda my style, resonating with people, glad you enjoyed.