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Christmas Morning

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  • Christmas Morning

    Christmas Morning.

    Sylvia Hope of sixteen summers
    Dreaming of her earmarked lover
    Smiling from a cuddled pillow
    Wriggles her toes in sweet recall
    Boothby wakes from boozy slumbers
    Greets the morning with a curse
    Children stirring, urgent whispers
    ‘Oh wake up do, it's Christmas day'

    Peeping through the Chintzy curtains
    See the wispy haired old vicar
    Scratching out a Christmas sermon
    Redundant morals from a cross nibbed pen
    A hesitant sun rims the Downlands
    Where the big house chimneys pencil the sky
    Cows from the high fields wander down for milking
    As the bells from St Peters ring out the rounds.

    When I think of Christmas I think of a time gone by, before cooperate business strangled it with a wild selling spree. Hope you enjoy
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    Wonderful to see you back in the queue Cari, with this beautifully seasonal piece! Your pen/brush indeeds paints a picture of days of yore...though "boozy slumbers" (while accurate, I dare say) may mark more than one holiday fare with memories rather forgotten.

    I like to think some tiny parts of the globe might still experience a king of by-gone magic during this season. I hope so, anyway.