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Elephant in the room

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  • Elephant in the room

    There was an elephant in the room
    Why was it there, we did not know whom
    Tried to sweep it out with a large broom
    Unmoving it stood tall and did loom

    We need to discuss must not assume
    Does it skype because it does not zoom
    Maybe a trunk call could we presume
    Why is an elephant in the room?
    Elephant spoke out a tale of gloom
    Inside saving itself from its doom
    Lost habitat, as humans consume
    Making much waste, greenhouse gases fume
    All the plastic will start to entomb
    Will the flowers continue to bloom
    You must change your ways and not resume
    So said the elephant in the room

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    A whole lot of "do as I say" and not as I do going on these elephants and donkeys alike.


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      I think the strangest thing is our capacity to ignore warnings, very few of us set a good example


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        That is the best place to start, isn't it? With oneself? I'm working on it...every day.