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    Aladdin’s cave of times past
    Word treasures to pass the time
    Times of travel to new lands
    To land a catch literal
    Literature a portal
    Transport to the realms of dreams
    Dreams or nightmares casts of ghosts
    Ghosts of imagination
    Images of flights of fancy
    Fanciful fantasies fly
    Flight booked in Aladdin’s cave
    Books kept in memories store
    Bookstore draft of history
    His story the author’s gift
    Shared for a tokens reward
    Rewards the enquiring minds
    Mining Aladdin’s caves gems

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    This sounds, particularly when read aloud, like stream of consciousness writing. One line tumbles into the next, resonating a word, or two, or more, propelling the piece along in whimsical fashion.

    It's as if you stood in the center of the room and turned slowly around, snatching pieces here and there to highlight.

    I can't put my finger on it, but it leaves me feeling happy.

    Maybe it's just seeing your name in the queue again, dear friend. Welcome back!

    PS (I looked it up, because American English omits the "u" in parlour. Did you know it's also knows as a locutorim? I didn't. But what fun that word could bring to a poem, don't you think? It's a noun, but sounds like it's in motion to my ear.)


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      Thats a very insightful comment. In my childhood my Mum worked with my Uncle and Aunt in their bookshop. It is about that bookshop and I did write it line by line until I felt I was finished. No plan no verses.

      You have given me a new word and I like it. Locutorim I will remrmber that. It is good to see you here as well.