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  • Dear Satan

    Dear Satan ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Dear Satan , 2020

    I just got your letter and I must say you have some " Cojones "
    But here at the " North Pole " We still think your full of bologna
    Everyone had a peek at my " Naughty or Nice " list. ......Damien !
    They found your " debacles " were so many , it would fill a stadium

    In case you've forgotten , what you did was evil and rotten
    So are the cohorts that have their paw prints all over that crime
    Be a friend and tell them , to set aside some " alone " time
    This is on you , don't get me involved with anything you do

    Lots of people will be finding a lump of coal in their " stockings "
    Along with a pair of handcuffs , for all of their " mocking "
    This isn't some " Hey Day Holiday Institution "
    Sorry your " wish " will have to find another solution !

    You mentioned the " snow Globe " and the outside
    What matters of course , is what's on the inside
    I see when it's shaken , you don't have what it takes
    You're right up there with the , " snowflakes " !

    Your people were in such a hurry to " summon " the abyss
    They made " EVERYONE'S " , Christmas List !
    You more than made it up in what you lacked
    How do we know ? , We were having YOU " tracked " !

    Remember , " what goes around comes around " Damien !
    Like the cracks in your plan , and those on your " cranium "
    Maybe you'll think twice before trying to take advantage
    My suggestion for you , go make a bologna sandwich !


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    Santa vs Satan...interesting play on those five letters of the alphabet.


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      Thanks I hope everyone gets a kick out of these two holiday rhymes of mines