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Where is Santa's Place to Tinkle?

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  • BobGrantKC
    Thank you - hope I can keep providing a smile.

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  • Poldy
    As if I didn't have enough to worry about with all those damn birds going wherever they please . . .

    Thanks, Bob. No pressure, but whenever I see your name I know I'm going to wind up smiling.

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  • BobGrantKC
    Thank you! My inspiration came from my own "old" prostate and bladder - I think only an "old guy" or someone who lives with one - can relate. I also am assuming that Santa is even older than me!!

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    replied do deal with unconventional ideas in your work, doubt about that.

    I'm going to go on living in denial...thinking of Santa this way dulls the child-hood mystery and magic!

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  • BobGrantKC
    started a topic Where is Santa's Place to Tinkle?

    Where is Santa's Place to Tinkle?

    Where is Santa’s Place to Tinkle?
    Stress that Sure could Dull his Twinkle.
    Up to Now been No Solution.
    Need an Urgent Resolution.

    Stays Awake with Lots of Coffee,
    Maybe Chews on Caffeine Toffee?
    Logic tells us – Can’t you See?
    At some Time he Has to Pee.

    Spread too Thin upon this Night,
    Pressure builds like Dynamite,
    No Relief while On the Fly,
    Air Dynamics tells us Why.

    Missteps happened Times Before.
    Hope that No One’s keeping Score.
    What they Need are Plans Anew.
    Santa’s counting I’ll come Through.

    Bedpan, Baggie, Catheter?
    None accepted As a Cure.
    My solution though Bizarre,
    Cookies, Milk, and Mason Jar.

    Now that Santa’s off the Platter.
    Reindeer are another Matter!