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    eave my sheets of silk
    to go to get a glass of milk
    walk down the hall and see a knife
    that's when the monster comes to life
    desperately I try to turn around
    but to that knife my hands now bound
    Try to drop it and run away
    to stop the monster from its stay
    wake up with white clothing now red
    one big cut now on my head
    a pool of blood now under my feet
    the body slowly loosing heat
    realize that was one my friend
    then his funeral I attend
    remember the body bead and broke
    the looks on the faces of the townsfolk
    they call me a warlock say I have magic
    wish I could say what's next was tragic
    I killed each and every one
    cut burned punched them until they where all done
    One by one they fell
    did I go to hell
    no instead I continued what a spree
    killed each and everyone for me
    the last man I killed

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    I like the horror story telling type , it is only but a beginning through the ending!


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      UwU guess your gunna have to wait and see