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  • For all intents and purposes

    For all intents and purposes ( C ) Glen Mitton 2020

    What do I see going on the surface ?
    A " Hitchcock movie " for all intents and purposes
    Pick one of his titles to , " fit the bill "
    None of them would be over the hill
    Hitchcock was the " Master of Suspense "
    These criminals are " People of Pretense "
    From the very beginning we were privy
    To every evil " willy-nilly "
    Hitchcock gave us just enough to warrant intrigue
    These bozos leave us all fatigued
    Ballot stuffing was their sinister plot ?
    Fade in : " Hey ! , You guys are caught " !
    While our patience for justice is almost depleted
    We are hastily ushered in to be seated
    They can't wait to show their coming attractions
    They're anxious to show their treacherous actions
    The prequels to the sequels of their Washington weasels
    To do their voodoo they do so well to " We the people "
    Hitchcock wanted his audience riveted
    Not to be subjected to a "Daunting Derivative "
    Some are okay with what's going , they are merry
    Maybe to them this reminds them of " Ray Bradbury "
    Or maybe ? , dare I say " Wes Craven " ! , Yikes I see stars
    All I can say is , " keep a good eye on those " Monkey Bars "
    Alfred Hitchcock's " cameos " seemed at times
    A criminal returning to the scene of the crime
    When he did it , it was novel and unexpected
    When these idiots do it , it's because they're infected !
    This is " Gas light " , " Vertigo " , " Rope " , " Sabotage "
    " Psycho " and " Notorious " all rolled into one , I for one am alarmed
    And in the " Hitchcock Genre " , the good guy Is unarmed
    " Gee I always wanted to be in the movies "
    " But this ?, this a bunch of hooey "
    To quote " Judy Garland " right out the door
    " We're not in Kansas anymore "
    This is so bad I'm volunteering for a " popcorn run "
    I'm going stand in the longest line , just for fun !
    When I get back , you will never hear this ,
    Handing you your popcorn , " What did I miss " ?
    They want all of us to be content to sing , " Que Sera Sera "
    To stand in ovation for the credits and yell , Hooray Hoorah !
    Well not this " Doris Day " , " We know too much " ,
    " And these " baddies " are way out of touch "
    Trump is " Sean Connery " in the movie , " Marnie "
    A guy trying to help honestly and kindly
    Sometimes his methods seem a little brash
    But he's willing to step up to the plate and clash !
    In " Frenzy " the bad guy had a " system "
    It worked well with all his victims
    But in the end he was left holding the bag
    And to no ones surprise was a bit of a snag !
    How's about , " North by Northwest " ?
    Where the hero is put to the test
    Reaching for the hand that's about to go over the edge
    Though he's precariously perched on a ledge
    This has to be ," The Rear Window " , we just witnessed a crime !
    And like the main character who's handicapped , so is Trump by time
    The heck with the popcorn ! , I don't want to lose my seat
    Even in a crowded movie house there might lurk a cheat !

    Good Evening