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    When your left all alone
    left with a broken heart and no home
    the fear of being left again
    left to sit alone in the rain
    time to run and hide in fear
    with nothing but ringing in my ear
    my heart going boom boom boom
    hearing nothing else inside the room
    hearing dreams all hit the floor
    kill yourself and close the door
    evil that lurches around the bend
    looking back on relationships I can't mend
    look into the void of despair
    continue in the fight for air
    if I could leave the world today
    would they hurt or shout hurray
    would they want me to try to live
    I'm not sure they want my troublesome strive
    In the end beaten and broke
    would they care when I start to choke
    in the end I have no home
    because my heart can not roam
    torn apart again and again
    but in the end why use my brain
    if you want me here I am
    might not be for long no longer give a damn
    In the end I know i am broke beyond repair
    maybe if I die I'll finally get air
    If the future has me within
    if its going to take me it better begin
    every one else know I'm sad
    why let it matter soon I'll be glad
    typing the words that come to mind
    wondering would they be better if i where left behind
    leave me to be a broke peace of shit....
    now if you'll excuse me I have wrists to slit

    By: DepressedPoet
    Last edited by DepressingPoem; 11-23-2020, 10:47 AM.