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    No Jab No Job ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Vaccine , you're everything they want
    Vaccine , you're their Darling Debutante
    With Evil vengeance you'll make an entrance to flaunt

    Vaccine , cries are being ignored
    Vaccine , champagne is being poured
    In the back alley they're ready to tally the score

    Vaccine , you're going to make 'em cringe
    Vaccine , it's a " G I " issued syringe
    Old Sad Sac is stabbed in the back once again !

    All these doctors are off their rockers
    Talk about crazy and being awkward
    Here we are in " logistics limbo "
    That Hippocratic Oath is out the window
    Their cold hand approach is really off
    I'll stick out my tongue but not before I cough

    Vaccine , you will never be alone
    Vaccine , you must have your phone
    Don't leave home without it don't doubt , it's the law

    Vaccine , 3rd World you are number 1
    Vaccine , The game's already begun
    It's all aligned , you wont make that finish line !

    Vaccine , nothing personal but I'll pass
    Vaccine , I've had enough of your gas
    Hailed by the Mob " NO Jab No Job , " Kiss my A**

    It's their Cadillac Coup DeVille
    They don't care WHO they kill
    On the " Showroom Floor " all buffed out
    And guess who's " Test Driving " ? no doubt
    It comes with the Standard Omission
    No one's responsible including the physician

    No thanks . I'll walk